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"PENTA AMBI - Exclusive Members Area

I "PENTA AMBI" , the famous game drawn every month from my writing, and I am pleased to send free to all subscribers to my NEWSLETTER (the password for this month siri9154), won on March 8, 2011 by AMBO SECCO 85 58 FIXED Bet on the Wheel of PALERMO!
WIN the lotto games is not easy, but with the passion, the seriousness' and commitment you can achieve great things, and those who in recent years have followed my investment program on TERNO DRY, received winning important, in many cases changing their standard of living.
If you really want to start playing the lottery with a winning philosophy and highly professional, call me with confidence to 393-9205130.
Luca D'Amore 393-9205130
Luca D'Amore has PENTA AMBI on You Tube

"PENTA AMBI" is a very small monthly forecast and target, consisting of only five AMBI DRIED fixed wheel. It comes in
EXCLUSIVE FREE to all members to join our NEWSLETTER (NEWSLETTER to join Lotto friend, please fill out the form at the top Green in the left column or send an e-mail to @ telenet-sanremo libero.it with subject "PENTA AMBI").
Once registered, and then we will send you every month via e-mail a "password", which will allow you to access the reserved area "of this site and to acquire valuable prediction" PENTA AMBI.

Why 'FREE', when the industry normally they charge "fine of money "through 899 newspapers and expensive, even for a AMBO SECCO?
Our Director Luca D'Amore has always supported and proved by facts, that the real speculative procedures to Lottery, must be developed on the fate of TERNO DRY, see SUPER TOP, BLUE AND FIGHT FOR INVESTMENT.
A prediction of AMBI, although much loved and highly demanded by the players is much simpler, both in statistical research and in writing.
careful, simple does not mean that winning the AMBO is easy, on the contrary it is particularly difficult and challenging, but it can be more consistently used by an operator Lotto, like a "calling card".
The user then, through a free preview of AMBI reported, assess the preparedness of those who work in the field, and then gain access to paid services.
All with more security and after putting a strain on the ability of the lottologo duty.

Science fiction?
No, really! With
"PENTA AMBI" we have this further opportunity to test the reliability, competence and transparency of the work of Luca D'Amore and his editorial staff.
We recommend you only do not limit your analysis to a few drawings, but to build a detailed statistical results, for at least 12 consecutive months of play.

Attraverso il nostro impegno, la nostra esperienza pluri ventennale e l’efficacia delle nostre procedure matematico-statistiche, operiamo affinché i nostri clienti giochino in modo corretto e responsabile e che, per tutti, il gioco sia un vero divertimento, ma non possiamo garantire la vincita: nel gioco il fattore aleatorio è preminente.

In caso di VINCITA, inviaci un SMS sulla tua “piacevole esperienza”, al numero 393-9205130 .
Sarà pubblicato su questo sito, nascondendo le ultime 4 cifre del tuo numero (es.: 335-596xxxx).
This is the list of winnings from "PENTA AMBI in the last 12 months.
Wins are all certified, as it is published on predictions LOTTOAMICO.blogspot.com and available for all members of the newsletter.
08/03/11 WON BOTH 85 58 PALERMO
24/02/11 WON BOTH FLORENCE 30 02
28/12/10 12 79 ROME WON BOTH
BOTH WON 16/12/10 12 79 02/12/10 NAPLES
30/10/10 WON BOTH 03 55 BARI
23/10/10 WON BOTH 03 55 PALERMO
14/09/10 51 40 MILAN WON BOTH
26/08/10 WON BOTH FLORENCE 61 79
24/08/10 77 08 MILAN WON BOTH
10/08/10 42 47 ROME WON BOTH
01/07/10 08 84 ROME WON BOTH
11/05/10 WON BOTH 01 14 BARI
13/04/10 WON BOTH 52 17 MILAN
For more information

Luca D'Amore 393-9205130
e-mail telenet-sanremo@libero.it
skype damore.luca


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